Deciding on the Perfect TV in the Okanagan

Deciding on the Perfect TV in the Okanagan

TV Comparison: LED vs. OLED vs. Plasma & Brand Traits Walking blindly into a TV purchase can leave you with buyer’s remorse if you are uneducated. Your Kelowna electrician can help you navigate between the various types of televisions on the market and even handle…

Kelowna Electrician - TV Comparison

TV Comparison: LED vs. OLED vs. Plasma & Brand Traits

Walking blindly into a TV purchase can leave you with buyer’s remorse if you are uneducated. Your Kelowna electrician can help you navigate between the various types of televisions on the market and even handle the installation for you. Having a wad of unsightly cords hanging from your wall-mounted flat screen is less than ideal and dangerous! Epic Electric has all of the special tools and experience to ensure a clean set up that will leave you smiling and ready to take movie night to an entirely new level.

Image Quality is Top Feature

The majority of consumers describe image quality as the main component they are seeking in their new TV. Accurate colours, contrast ratios, oversaturated colours, wide-angle viewing capability and darker black shades are among the common preferences. If one of these items is out of sync, clients will notice a drastic reduction in the overall image. The goal is to enjoy a crisp, clear picture at all times of day. You want to be able to view your shows perfectly whether the sunshine is streaming or while snuggling in the dark. Your favourite Kelowna electricians at Epic Electric discuss the main types of high definition TVs on the market to help you break it all down.

Kelowna Electrician - TV Comparison

4K or Ultra HD

These models offer four times the amount of pixels found in the 1080HDTVs. High-dynamic range video or HDR enables you enjoy more realistic highlights and brighter colours, while wide colour gamuts or WCG, produce colours that were not previously available. Multiple HDMI inputs are another feature that consumers are looking for. On average, those polled are looking for a TV in the 50 to 60 inch range. Data indicates most keep their TV for 3 to 5 years or 7 years after purchasing.

Plasma TVs

Plasma TVs do not rely on a backlight and myriad of filters to provide pixel illumination. Instead, these TVs use plasma or ionized gas that lights up when and electrical current is passed through; almost as though each sub-pixel within the TV has its own minute, neon light or miniscule version of fluorescent tubes. An electrode is responsible for passing an electric current into tiny cells that have a noble gas mixture comprised of xenon and neon. This ionization process transforms the gas into plasma, which emits an invisible UV light. This light meets a phosphor coating that lines every cell; enabling the phosphor to glow and display light that is visible to the human eye. The type of phosphor the cell is covered with translates to creating a blue, red or green colour. Plasma TVs are hailed for offering truer black levels in comparison to LCD TVs. People notice more realistic colours thanks to the strong colour saturation. Wider viewing angles have additionally catapulted Plasma TVs popularity, making it better for larger groups to watch.

LCD and LED and OLED

Liquid Crystal Display is one of the most abundant on the market. LED refers to an LCD TV that relies on LED lighting. Organic LED is the latest offering, called OLED for short. It is a different type of technology and the latest Smart Phones are boasting an OLED display. LED LCD models utilize a backlight to display their pixels. OLED models on the other hand, produce their own illumination. This enables the brightness to be controlled pixel-by-pixel resulting in a sharper image and better clarity. Less expensive LED LCD screens have an “edge lighting” effect to consider. In this composition, the LEDs sit to the side of the display as opposed to behind it. Next, light is transmitted through a matrix that sends it through blue and green pixels prior to reaching our vision.

The picture difference is best noticed when watching TV in a dark room. You will see that an image, which is supposed to be purely black, actually still displays the back lighting or edge lighting. OLED is all the rage since it offers purely black imagery by eliminating back lighting bleeding through. Epic Electric in Kelowna can install any TV you choose easily and effectively.

OLED Best for Movie Night                                                                                                                     

Many clients have been unwilling to part with their Plasma TV until another option offering the same picture quality became available. OLED has entered the market to provide the best picture available. While it is one of the most expensive options, it offers the latest technology to enhance your viewing pleasure. Unwanted backlighting can really mess with the contrast and wreak havoc with the darkest shadows and the brightest highlights. Your Kelowna electrician has experience working with every TV on the market.

Epic Electric: Tidy, Professional TV Installation

Wall mounted TVs need careful consideration prior to installing for best results. Our experienced team can secure the specialized cables, brackets, outlets and associated wiring on your behalf.

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